Who is AFIE?
Advocates for Inclusive Education (AFIE) is a group of concerned stakeholders coming together to increase opportunities in North Carolina for successful inclusion of children with disabilities in regular education classrooms. We hold educational workshops for parents and advocate for improvements in our education system that will increase the prevalence of inclusive education practices in North Carolina.

What is inclusive education?
The National Center on Educational Restructuring and Inclusion (NCERI) defines inclusion as: Providing to all students, including those with significant disabilities, equitable opportunities to receive effective educational services, with the needed supplementary aids and support services, in age appropriate classrooms in their neighborhood schools, in order to prepare students for productive lives as full members of society.

How to join the effort?
For more information reach out to kari@ncinclusiveeducation.org. Our monthly support/planning meetings in Raleigh are open to all. Check the events tab for any upcoming meetings. If you can not join us in person, connect with us on facebook or join our email list for updates.